Why do you do 30 minutes and won't my child get tired?

30 minutes does sound long, especially when the industry norm seems to be 15min. Honestly it isn't long. Most children arrive at swimming, excited and have a story or two to tell. By the time we have said "Hello" and listened to their story at least 5 minutes has past. With my experience, I have noticed most of my breakthroughs occur after the 15 min mark. We use many toys and games as part of learning, but also as a distraction. You'll be surprised how quickly 30 minutes flies by.

If you promote 30 minute lessons, why do you offer 15 minute lessons now?

Yes, I am absolutely a firm believer that the 30 minute lesson is preferable, as stated above, however, as a parent and a business woman, I realize that with the current economy, not every one is able to afford 30 minutes. My whole philosophy behind my swim school is trying to get as many children water safe as possible and hopefully, in the process, a love for the sport too. It was not an easy decision to make, but I feel it was a practical one, where I will be able to assist more families, which ultimately is, and has always been my goal. The 15 minute lessons will only be offered for the Learn to Swim program, Todswim and Mini Groups etc will remain 30 minutes.

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Do we do make up lessons?

Do we participate in Events & Galas?

My children are different ages, can you teach them together?

I have more than 1 child, please can I have a discount?

How does payment work?

My child has special needs, can you teach him/her?

Do I close for Public & School holidays?

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