All our instructors are trained and qualified with a reputable, recognized institution in South Africa. We are all trained in First Aid (at least Level 1) and our CPR updated annually.

Due care is taken in every lesson with your child. The first lesson is critical, this is where your child will establish whether he/she is comfortable in our environment and is comfortable with our instructor. When applying to our swim school, it is essential that you notify us of any fears or previous bad experiences with water, we need to be aware of these so that we can provide the level of service required.

As with anything, all children learn differently and we cannot guarantee how long this process will take. It relies on numerous factors; confidence, fears, previous exposure and the list goes on. Encouragement is vital, no matter how small the milestones or how slow the progression, PLEASE keep motivating your little swimmer. I know you're probably asking "But what if the progression is really slow", Please talk to your instructor, as well as your son/daughter, Sometimes they are scared of something and are afraid to say. If it is a greater problem, allow us as a team to come up with a solution.

With younger children you will find a lot of repetition and the use of toys and games throughout the lessons. This is perfectly normal, children need constant reminders , and they learn through play. As the lessons progress you will see how we begin to add the progressions.

Learning to blow bubbles


Todswim - 12 months to 3yrs

30 Minute Group Lesson

This is a wonderful time to bond with your little one. Todswim is a group class of maximum 5 toddlers accompanied by their parent or caregiver.

This is aimed at teaching them all the water safety basics, as well as a love for water itself. We do this through lots of games and singing, yes, I said singing. So pack your cozzies, warm up your voices and come and have some major fun.

Learn 2 Swim - 3yrs to 99yrs

15 Minute One-on-One & 30 Minute One-on-One or Group Lessons available

This is as it states, time to learn to swim. We use a fun approach to learning this skill. Children learn through play,  they won't realize how much they are learning. Whether you are wanting your child/ren to just be water safe or school ready. If your swimmer is interested in a career in swimming and doesn't know where to start, you have found it!! Give us a call and we'll turn your kids into little fish... or mermaids, which ever they prefer.

Please note that our  lessons are primarily one-on-one, there may be times we recommend a pair up, this will be discussed with you in advance. Although our lessons are one-on-one, we do have 2 teachers in the pool at a time (business dependent), except where we already have a pairing or a Todswim class.

Stroke Correction

15 Minute One-on-One & 30 Minute One-on-One or Group Lessons available

If you already know how to swim, but want to get the most out of your stroke and make work efficiently, stroke correction may be what you need. Not having the right technique can affect your style, buoyancy and speed. Don't let these hold you back anymore from efficient training.


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