Keith Smith Learn2Swim 12-month Scholarship

17 July 1955 - 11 June 2017

I lost my dear Father suddenly in June 2017 due to tragic, unnatural circumstances. He was a loving and very caring man and always put everyone before himself. He was my only parent and as his only child , I idolized him, and miss him each and every day.

When I shared my dream of opening a Swimming School with him, he not only encouraged me, but helped me build it.

I could not think of a better way of honoring my Daddy, than by carrying on with his legacy of helping those that are in need.This is why I have decided to combine both my passion and love for him.

As I have stated many times before, I have always had a passion for swimming and water sports. One of my great concerns is the number of children that are drowning. Drowning remains one of the top causes of unnatural childhood death in South Africa.

According to recent statistics released by a private hospital group, nearly 72% of near drownings occur around the home and only 1.22% at the beach.Three year olds seem particularly vulnerable and constitute 45.5% of the total.

Furthermore, for every child that dies from drowning, five are left with permanent brain damage from the lack of oxygen that occurs in a near drowning.

This program is aimed at families that may not necessarily be able to afford swimming lessons. The recipient will receive 1 year of swimming lessons. Our year begins in the 3rd term and ends the end of the 2cd term of the following year.

Unfortunately, at this stage, only one child per program will be selected.

If you are interested, whether for yourself or to nominate someone else, please email me a motivation letter. Please understand that due to the number I receive, I only contact the successful candidate. I do however keep the letters on file and who knows ....

There are standard terms and conditions to adhere to(if chosen ,you will receive a contract), the main one when applying, is to please be fair and honest, this is a program to aid those in need.

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